Meet BLogic System

an on-premise solution always reliable, secure,

and fast that helps you grow your business like

never before.

Save time, energy, and money with

BLogic POS.

Advanced inventory management

Monitor inventory supply closely through a single dashboard and automatically send emails notifying when supplies or ingredients are running low

Employee and labor tracking

Keep record and make smarter staffing decisions. Implement employee permission controls. Monitor which employee is most productive.

End of day reports

Let BLogic Systems tell you how good of a day it has been. Overall sales, sales per employee, you can see it all.

BLogic POS

Keep your business running

seamlessly from anywhere.

Track Record of Reliability and Stability

BLogic POS operates on a local connection meaning it doesn’t need the Internet to run. In other words: it’s critical to partner with a POS that will give you peace of mind by keeping your business up-and-running full speed at all times.

Zero downtime leads to increased productivity, higher revenue, and greater opportunities.

BLogic Systems QOrder

Tablet tableside ordering made easy

Shave time off table turnaround time

Staff can take orders anywhere in the store and immediately send orders to the kitchen prep printer.

Promote add-ons and increase average check size

Customizable prompts ask for up-sells and remind staff regarding promotional items.

BLogic QOrder Compatibility

Any PC tablets running Windows 7 or 10
Apple iPad

BLogic Qorder

Retail Features

15.6″ Wide HD Touch Screen

$2,629 per bundle + $30/mo

  • Fully customizable system + Cash Drawer + Printer + PAX S300
  • Centralized customer data and smart feedback system
  • Integrated gift cards and advanced inventory management
  • Barcode label printers and Scale integration
  • Employee and labor tracking
  • EMV Ready & Secure and Age verification


Restaurant Features

15.6″ Wide HD Touch Screen

$2,879 per bundle + $30/mo

  • Fully customizable system + Cash Drawer + Printer + PAX S300 + Kitchen printer
  • Serve customers faster; great for restaurants with a high volume of transactions
  • Create custom floor maps, table-status indicators, and table timers
  • Advanced kitchen workflow communication and menu programming
  • Split checks seamlessly, track customer profiles, and customize order receipts
  • End of day reports, Integrated gift cards, and loyalty program
  • EMV Ready & Secure and Age verification

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