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Cash Discount Program

Already processing, or looking to get set up on the Cash Discount program? We can easily implement this program in your online store.

Traditional Program

We make it simple. Our rates of 0.45% and $0.15 per transaction make it easy to turn your daydream into an online business.*

*Interchange + Pricing

We create the places, not just spaces.

Fast Deposits

When processing with E3EPay you can expect your money in your account as soon as the next day.

Top-Rated Support

When you have a question, you shouldn’t have to wait. Our top-rated support team is standing by to speak with you in 30 seconds or less.

No Long-Term Commitments

We want to earn your business each and every day, which is why we don’t believe in contracts.

Transparency is Our Policy

We pride ourselves in our honesty and transparency. No annual fees, monthly minimums, or hidden fees when you process with e3ePay.


Can I sync my online store with my brick and mortar?

Absolutely! With E3EPay's virtual terminals you can seamlessly sync your online, in-store, and even mobile transactions.

What is a virtual terminal?

A virtual terminal turns your computer into a credit card terminal. It is perfect for remote billing or taking credit cards over the phone.

How will I protect my business from fraud?

We offer fraud detection solutions that give you the tools to help you get ahead of the fraudsters and reduce risk. This technology will provide real-time data on credit, debit, and gift card transactions.

Am I able to send invoices through my virtual terminal?

Yes, send invoices and even set up recurring payments through our virtual options. All you need is a computer and web browser!

Virtual Terminals

Send invoices or set up recurring payments with ease.

Test Drive the Virtual Terminal

SwipeSimple Online Dashboard allows merchants to send receipts via text or email, save customer information, set recurring payments, invoice clients, export to Quickbooks, views sales reports and inventory level.

We believe in full disclosure, always.

Pricing per Occurrence


Interchange + Margins

Interchange Costs

Card Assessment Costs

AVS Cost (for keyed sales)

Retrieval Cost

Chargeback Cost

Voice Authorization Cost

Closure Cost

ACH Reject Cost

Wireless Service Cost (if applicable)

Clover Go Mobile (if applicable)

PCI Non Compliance (if applicable)

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