Creating a community

We believe that small businesses need an advocate- somebody who is actively spreading the message to “Look Local First” on their behalf. That is why e3ePay created this movement, to support the makers and create a community of people who believe in and support this same message. Look Local First is not just about a day, but actively making shopping local a lifestyle.


Make a difference

When you stop by your local coffee shop instead of a chain or purchase shoes for your son at the local shoe store, you are making a difference. There is a space for Look Local First in every community!

Get Involved

All businesses that process with e3ePay receive an LLF window sticker in their welcome kit. Be sure to put the sticker on display at your business, and we will gladly post your business to our LLF social media pages.
Don't process with us? No problem. Merchandise is available at our shop. 100% of the proceeds go right back into our Look Local First cause through paid advertising, sponsorships, etc. We need your support to continue spreading this message! You can also join in through social media. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so you can share our posts and help spread the word!

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